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Thermal Vibes is the first ever patent pending, washable microwaveable deep conditioning thermal cap.

*Made to Order* Lining can be made in different color at your request!

Please note: because we are receiving a large amount of orders and they are individually made one at a time by only me, please allow ten business days to ship. I strive to get it done sooner when feasible!

Deep conditioning is an important routine in your healthy hair journey. For healthy hair, it is important to deep condition your hair at least once a week. I created thermal vibes because I followed this weekly deep conditioning rule. Sometimes, depending on the needs of my hair, I would deep condition twice a week. Because I used my cap so often, it was very difficult to keep my cap clean. I was starting to feel uncomfortable about using the same cap, now stained, on a weekly and sometimes twice a week. In addition, because these caps are heated in the microwave, I found that my cap always smelled like food! Talk about yucky!

Thermal Vibes is perfect for all form of deep conditioning. It is perfect for pre-poo hot oil deep conditioning; hair masque deep conditioning; hair bonding treatments (i.e. olaplex; redken) and leave in deep conditioners and even your own DIY treatments!

Cap is Washable, simply remove the flaxseed pouches and wash cap in cold water. Lint roller can be used for in between washes.FAQ

Is Thermal vibes only for curly/textured hair?

Thermal Vibes can be used for any hair texture. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy, curly, kinky or coily! It does not matter if you relax your hair! Thermal Vibes is perfect for all hair types. The purpose of Thermal Vibes is to provide warmth while you deep condition your hair. Deep Conditioning is an important regime for healthy hair, regardless of its texture!

What type of deep conditioning can be done with my Thermal Vibe cap?

Thermal Vibes is perfect for all form of deep conditioning. It is perfect for pre-poo hot oil deep conditioning; hair masque deep conditioning; hair bonding treatments (i.e. olaplex; redken) and leave in deep conditioners and even your own DIY treatments!

What sizes are available for the Thermal Vibes cap?

Thermal Vibes are available in the following sizes:

Regular Adult Size
starting circumference, approximately 22″.
Max circumference (fully stretched) approximately 38″
Diameter 23″

Adult Large Size
starting circumference, approximately 23″.
Max circumference (fully stretched) approximately 44″
Diameter 24″

Adult XL LOCS Size
starting circumference, approximately 24″.
Max circumference (fully stretched) approximately 48″
Diameter 25″

How does Thermal Vibes work?

Thermal Vibes is used to provide warmth to your deep conditioning treatments. Your Thermal Vibes cap consist of a hair cap that includes a removable flaxseed pouch. When heated in the microwave, the flaxseed pouch will retain enough heat to provide a good long lasting warm deep conditioning experience. The cap is placed in the microwave for 2 1/2, no more than 3 minutes. Heat for a total of 3, 45 seconds to one minute intervals, removing your thermal vibes cap to flip inside out and replace in the microwave at each interval. Depending on your microwave, this should provide sufficient heat to allow your deep conditioning to last between 20 to 45 minutes. If additional warmth is desired, you can always reheat your thermal vibes cap.

Heat help open the hair cuticles, allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate inside the hair follicles, thus promoting healthy hair. Heat is essential for lower porosity hair. For more detailed instructions visit our how to use page!

How do I clean it?

Your Thermal Vibes cap is washable. To wash, you must ensure that you remove the flaxseed pouch from your cap. Your cap can be washed in cool temperature and tumbled dried..

How long will my Thermal Vibes cap last?

Your Thermal Vibes cap is made with high quality 100% cotton material. It is made to last for many years to come! In addition, unlike other brands. Thermal Vibes sells replaceable pouches. If for some reason, your flaxseed pouches become damaged, you can simply replace them, without needing to purchase another cap. The likelihood of this is happening is very slim, thus why you do not see our pouches being sold. If for any reason, you need a pouch replacement, please do not hesitate to contact us!

International Buyers – Please Note:

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Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what your additional costs will be prior to buying.

Customer Reviews

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Lynnprezident1972 Hansen
Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work

Brandi Thompson
Beautiful design, easy to heat and clean,...

Beautiful design, easy to heat and clean, stays hot for a long time. Exceeded my expectations and highly recommend!

Jamila Schoen
Very helpful ad convenient when it comes t...

Very helpful ad convenient when it comes to an effective deep condition. Warm it up, plop it on your head and do what you do! This Is my 3rd one. I love them!


Very nice cap. Easy to use and stays warm for a good 30 minutes.

Juliza Hammes
First off: I would consider myself a very...

First off: I would consider myself a very large headed person (And no, not because of my hair.) So for all my big headed strugglers rejoice because this cap is PERFECT. It’s comfortable and stretchy enough that it doesn’t pinch your ears or press too hard on certain spots while completely covering my whole head. It’s loose enough, but also weighted where the flaxseed pouch inside still hugs every curve while staying in place. It also has an opening with strong velcro to open and remove the flax pouch. This is what instantly sold me because I can hand wash at any time!

The seller also reached out since I bought the cap a little before Christmas. She was very accommodating, informative and open in her process of making the cap and possible delays. I will 100% recommended and purchases from her again!