About us!

Why was Thermal Vibes created?

Thermal Vibes is the first ever patented, washable microwaveable deep conditioning thermal cap. Deep conditioning is an important routine in your healthy hair journey. For healthy hair, it is important to deep condition your hair at least once a week. I created thermal vibes because I followed this weekly deep conditioning rule. Sometimes, depending on the needs of my hair, I would deep condition twice a week. Because I used my cap so often, it was very difficult to keep my cap clean. I was starting to feel uncomfortable about using the same cap, now stained, on a weekly and sometimes twice a week. In addition, because these caps are heated in the microwave, I found that my cap always smelled like food! Talk about yucky!

In my household I have two sloppy teenagers that were in the habit of not cleaning up their mess. I always tended to rush and throw in my cap to heat, without first checking if the microwave was clean. Sure enough, most of the time it wasn’t, so you can only imagine how dirty my cap was constantly getting.

Last but not least, I always multi-tasked while deep conditioning. I love self-care days, and I always love being able to do a face mask while I am also deep conditioning with a hair mask. Imagine trying to avoid getting your mud mask in your thermal cap?

This is why thermal vibes was created. Now you don’t have to worry about the smelly, dirty microwave. You can wash your thermal vibes cap!